Full Exposure

I write a lot about bringing pleasure and vulnerability into all the areas of life… and I tell ya, where it goes the deepest, where the rubber hits the road, is in physical, skin to skin and eyes-wide-open exposure to another human being whom I love (and from whom I want to receive love).

When I can speak my wants there, from a place of total unedited desire… oh, then – then I can do it anywhere. With anyone.

I’m talking deep-down wanting. Zero shame (well, maybe just a frisson, for more deliciousness.) Totally exposed (body, heart, energetic body, all realms)… choosing to roll over and offer my soft underbelly, my most tender and delicate flesh, my open throat, even my eyes unguarded… everywhere intentionally soft and undefended, just me, no hiding, no pretending… and from that place, I look in the eyes of my lover and ask for That One Thing my body wants in that moment… and then, if there is a Yes… rejoicing absolutely and receiving without any resistance.

(Also beyond wonderful to receive such a request from the authentic core of this human, and to enthusiastically, wholeheartedly grant it. YUM!!!)

THAT, is one of the deepest spiritual practices I know. And supernova superf*cking HOT. Also creates a surge of POWER like nothing else I know.





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