Detours (Pandemic Pleasure Pop Up)

I’m on a road trip to California to do an immersion with a client.

I know – #stayhome. I know.

I debated long and hard with myself about traveling at all right now -watched all the trends of caseload and best practices, looked at my intention (to provide a life-changing experience that I have committed to creating with this human), asked myself if I could do it “safely” – meaning, in a manner that is safe enough, and takes into account their concerns, my concerns, everything we know and don’t know, and what our lives are about right now.

With all of that: We agreed to go ahead with it, in the safest way we could create together. I chose to drive, solo, stop as little as possible, interact with a very limited number of live humans… and do the trip. Masks, sanitizer, my own food, camping not hotel… distance, caution, awareness.

It’s a calculus we are all doing right now, every day, with every trip to the grocery store, with any thought at all about possibly maybe planning something perhaps in the next week or so… or not, because everything is changing so very fast.

All of this, may feel like a GIANT detour to your life. There it was, in front of us: the summer, with vacation, maybe travel, plans, gatherings, pool days, beach maybe, festivals, seeming certainty and security, because it’s SUMMER and that means the living is supposed to be easy… right?

I noticed that, while I was driving, I got very tunnel-vision about getting from Point A (Santa Fe) to Point B (Bay Area) as quickly as possible. Which I did… and then, when I looked at where I wanted to be for the evening, I noticed a lovely possibility on the map app.

So… after 9+ hours on the road… I drove the extra hour and a half to Lake Isabella. I remember hearing about it, growing up in Southern California, but I had never been there.

It’s extraordinary. A lake, surrounded by rocky rolling hill/mountains, and the road in leads through a stunning, absolutely Dr. Seussian landscape of Joshua trees and then suddenly a rich, lush ribbon of river and cottonwoods and river valley… set into absolute desert surroundings like jewels in smooth, stark silver.

Yes, it was completely, 100%, totally worth it. My Sensual Blueprint was SO HAPPY to be surrounded by beauty and soft sand scattered with tiny shells and the lapping of waves and fragrant life and the scent of water!

Detours. What if nothing has to be any different than it is, right now? What if our whole purpose, is to find the joy in THIS moment, just as it is? Because, as Jeff Foster would say, if it is here, in this moment… it has already been allowed, it’s already accepted into reality. What if we can just relax, breathe deeply in, and receive? And… maybe open up to the side roads that might take a little time out of our “schedule” (HAH! Plans! Schedules! HAH! Says COVID19)… and allow all of slow life to envelop us in peace, in beauty… in the wonder of this present moment, just exactly as we are… just exactly as everything is?

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