Pleasure is a renewable resource -- and sex is good for you!

Reconnect with your own embodied joy and wellness. Learn to create the kind of playful, loving, satisfying sex you actually want, with the people who light up your heart.

Couples: work with me to re-create your relationship as the source of your shared delight. Together, find new pathways to arousal, sex that delights and nourishes you both, adventure and passion, and love for a lifetime.

Individuals: I support you in exploring pleasure and sex as your pathway to wellness, personal discovery, and spiritual growth. Learn to ask for what you want, release the blocks that keep you shut down and stuck, and call in all the love and safe, satisfying erotic expression you've been longing for and so richly deserve.

Get started now creating the kind of sex and love you’ve been waiting for!

I’m Anne More. If you are stuck in separation, intensity, fear, or numbness, I'm your guide to finding peace and pleasure in your body and relationships.
Reconnect with your own joy and embodied wholeness. Learn to create the playful, loving, satisfying sex you actually want, with the people who light up your heart.

Couples: Let’s redesign your relationship to become the source of what you each crave: deeply satisfying sex, playful passion, and love for a lifetime.

Get started now creating the kind of sex and love you’ve been waiting for!

Virtual Coaching. Hands On Learning.

Discover your Erotic Blueprint™

I have been in full time practice as Somatic Sexologist and Sexological Bodyworker since 2018, and in private apprenticeship with Jaiya, creator of the Erotic Blueprints, since 2017.

My greatest honor is witnessing my clients discover the magic of their bodies, deepen their relationships, and joyfully explore all that is erotically possible.

Have you spent days and years in little boxes, trying to please other people? Me too! Not anymore. Let me introduce you to the good life - and better sex! - outside the box.


Are you in a relationship where your sex life has flatlined, and you’re both secretly afraid you’ll be stuck in a sexless relationship… or worse, lose each other?

I especially love working with those in committed relationships that have become stuck and stale. I gently and sometimes fiercely guide you in reigniting love, trust, playfulness, and desire. Together, you will build the foundation for a lifetime of hot, juicy, creative erotic adventures together.


I’m here for you! Here’s what happens with my individual clients: they come for themselves, for healing, self discovery, and to expand their sexual vocabulary and wellness. Then, once they find all that embodied pleasure and confidence… they come back for support with their new partner, because they’ve found the love they’ve been seeking. I want that for you, too!

…Are you secretly afraid you’re undatable, that you’ll never get what you want, and you’ll always be alone?

…Or you just know there’s a lot more to sex and pleasure, and you’re ready for big learning and expansion?


I help you to be seen and loved and celebrated for ALL of who you are. 

Are you ready to break out of those little boxes and play full out? No matter how long you’ve felt stuck, you can learn to play for what may be the first time in your life. It’s not too late. You’re right on time! A whole universe of new adventures and pleasures awaits! A new you awaits: nourished and shining in all your glorious, unleashed, unfettered, unapologetic joy, fully present in your life. Living, loving, and creating from a place of resource and ease. All you have to do… is say Yes!

As Erotic Blueprints Master Trainer, Energetic Shapeshifter, Somatic Sexologist, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, and Devotional Kink Coach, my great joy is guiding advanced humans like you into living and loving out loud, in fearless delight.

Anne More offers Advanced Coaching for Advanced Souls and Quantum and Sexological Bodywork virtually and in-person.

What clients say about working with me…

“You saved our marriage. We were on the edge of divorce, and terrified of losing each other. Sex was nonexistent, we felt trapped in conflict. Now - three years later! we have the best sex life we've ever had, with daily connection and so much love! THANK you for saving our marriage."
D and L, Santa Fe
“We’ve been married ten years and were afraid we might break up. You’ve contributed so much to our happiness! We’re having more sex now than we’ve had in years, and we’re so much more playful and relaxed!
L & M, Denmark
“This work stirred up so much goodness in my life! You talked me off the ledge. I was starving before I found you. Now, I feel seen, heard, and accepted. I’m happier than ever before. You held me with grace and love.”
CB, Canada
“Layers and layers of release and acceptance. And then more layers. It was okay to bring all my grief, all my loss, anything and everything. For the first time in a very long time, I’m alive! And FULL of joy. I feel well and whole. Thank you!”
AL, Costa Rica

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