Erotic Mastery as a Spiritual Path

Want to dance with sex and fear and death and LIVE? Want to shift into epic creation in your life, love, and relationships? Then play in the body, the Shadow, and the Light.

Eros is LIFE. Mainstream culture – including mainstream spiritual teachings – taught us to devalue this incredibly profound energy. For many, that has for too long kept us silent. Isolated. Helpless. Obedient. Trying to be “good.” Or rather: to be seen as “good,” by others.

Our beautiful bodies are created by and for sexual energy! We are specifically, divinely designed to channel sexual energy in our lives. It is Flow, it is Knowing, it is Release and Freedom. There’s a reason we are made the way we are: the pleasure-loving, joyful product of 50 million years of evolution, down to our beautiful, complicated, powerful tiny nerve endings. We literally are made for this: for boldness, freedom, and unlimited pleasure. And this is what makes it possible to truly live. When we experience deep orgasmic states, we experience the Unknown: the Little Death; that which is beyond knowing. When we dare to play in our authentic sexual selves, we bring life.

Spiritually, you align with Eros, with the Erotic when you dare to love and make love, in the face of inevitable loss. In the face of death, fear, illness, uncertainty. When you come to the clarity of knowing you have hurt another, and you own it, simply and without hiding or pretending – when you penetrate the fog of your own pride and self-righteousness and dare to trust love and ask forgiveness and reconnect. Deep embodied sexual experiences connect us with the fierce joy of penetration into the unknown, into vulnerability, into being fully alive and fully connected with those we love, with the world and everything in it, and everything beyond it.

It is in the decisive release, the cutting away of what does not serve you: shame. Old patterns. Toxic relationship. There is an 0rgasmic release of energy in clearing, purging, the Kali energy that destroys in order to create anew. Authenticity in our sexual selves, complete acceptance of our whole and beautiful bodies, is what makes it possible for us to come to the clarity of decision: a clear YES, an unshakeable No. In owning our embodied Eros, we come into Truth.

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