Wound Up in the Wound

I’m in the midst of both giving and receiving the 21-day STREAM (Scar Tissue Remediation and Management) protocol (on my own body).

This process unwinds and dissolves scar tissue to release the bound-up, wound-up stranglehold of scar tissue around wounds and surgery sites, tightly constricting movement, circulation and sensation. This is an incredibly effective modality I’ve used with many clients, but I had not come back to using it myself until this month.

My entire left rib cage and upper back have been stiffening over time after a surgery. I dreamed of full range of movement. I knew that my breathing and heart were both affected by the tightness throughout the whole area, but with such a gradual tightening over time I had forgotten what it was like to flow. I had dull pain most days.

Now: I am unwinding. I am un-wounding. Once again, I wonder at how we are ONE.

After just a few days, the stiffness and pain began to melt. I could breathe… move…feel! After a week, I had more range of motion than in over a year. Week 2: I was flying.

I was also feeling – in huge undeniable waves! – how much I had been tolerating in two major relationships in my life. An almost overwhelming amount of realizations and energy: anger. Grief. Held-in compassion, for myself and the others involved. Unwinding, just like the tendrils of scar tissue: gently, gradually letting go as I became aware that I no longer needed to hold all this tight to my chest (literally).

My heart has room to open. I’ve found my voice – to identify what’s felt so very wrong, so very unwelcome; to ask for lots of help; to set new boundaries and negotiate new terms based on what is best for me.

Sometimes, we work top-down: using words and voice and sounds (weeping, moaning, roaring, laughing) to process emotions and energies. And sometimes, we can work bottom-up, from within our tissues, listening for the voices of tension, holding, and release… because our bodies have many voices, many means of expression and transmutation.

Unwind. Un-wound. Into freedom, ease, and flow.

I want this for every one of you who feels wound up. Who feels wounded in the flesh. Or in the soul (which lives in our flesh and connective tissue and blood and bones). If you’re curious, or feel holding in your body like I share here, use the Contact Me page to reach out and set up an exploratory session.

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