Sex Worker

What comes up for you, when you hear the term “sex worker”? Notice.

Did you think of light? Of love? Of meditation? Deep compassion? Touch with no other agenda except acceptance and healing? Unconditional love?

I identify as a sex worker. No, I don’t fit the stereotype that might arise when you think of that term… but then, so many of us who work in the wide, wonderful, complicated world of sexuality, do not. First, because we choose to do this work, and believe it is central to healing and expanding our full expression in this human experience.

We choose our work – and all the various expressions of it. We choose it, we sometimes alter our entire lives once we hear the calling of this work, because it is our undeniable life’s path. Our mission. Because we are healers and guides, and we understand that as a society, and as individuals, we are starving – dying, in reality – for touch, intimacy, acceptance, connection, embodied experience, unconditional love. In our bodies. In the present moment.

We also choose our work because we can make money doing it. Doing what we love, in service of a cause greater than ourselves. Which is another place we work: exploring the energetic and spiritual intersection between sexuality and money. So much of the same judgements and shame arise in both areas. Is it okay to feel pleasure? Is it okay to enjoy making money? To receive it? To share it? To spend it? Is it okay to feel pleasure in doing all of that, with money? Who are we, when we play in these areas without shame? Who would we be, if we allowed ourselves to do it?

My colleages are: strippers, counselors, S-Factor teachers, bodyworkers, coaches, Pro Dom/mes, surrogates, Sacred Intimates, energy workers, Tantrikas, Bondassage Practitioners, Sex Magic Practitioners, mystics, phone sex workers, teachers, pole dancers. And: sisters, mothers, daughters, fathers, spouses, sons, gender neutral offspring/parents, neighbors, co-workers. These are my people. My tribe. I am so proud to know them all, and to share this journey with them.

In my particular line of work, I don’t engage in partner bonding or have sex with my clients; that is the professional container I’ve chosen, although others who work in this wide world of sexuality work differently with the people they serve, and I honor them.

I do offer individual and couples education, coaching, and bodywork. I am a practitioner at Erotic Blueprints™ retreats here and abroad that create immersive, life-changing experiences in expanding erotic potential. I believe that bodies are magic, and that it is our sacred birthright to experience and offer the kind of touch and love we want in our lives, in safety, and with consent, care, and love. I focus on reverence for the body, accessing and expanding our capacity for pleasure, releasing shame and judgement, reframing body image, trauma release, accessing spiritual experiences through er0tic trance states, radical self-acceptance, and naming, claiming, and communicating authentic desire within compassionate, clear consent. I offer guidance and coaching in Conscious Kink, in the intersection between kink and sacred sexuality, and in Intentional Relationships to create love that works and lasts; with my clients I explore the intersection between shame, limiting beliefs, sex and money. I explore all of these themes in my own life, and I share them with you, my people.

Because sex is good for you. And me. And us. Because it feeds us. Heals us. Restores us to who we really are. Because light. Because love.

February 5, 2020

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