What happens when you realize you need help with your sexuality? You’ve come to the right place. I will support you in finding out what kind of sex you actually want! Not what you think you’re supposed to want, or what your partner might be willing to give you, but what YOU want. Through coaching and/or gentle touch, I help you to acknowledge and release shame, resistance, and conditioning in your body and being. Work with me, and you’ll finally have permission and confidence to have the kinds of safe, hot, trusting, playful erotic experiences you’ve always wanted.


If you know you’re Kinky, but maybe your partner doesn’t yet. Or perhaps you just discovered you may be Kinky. Or, you’re Kinky AF and you want to learn what more is possible in power play, erotic bondage, Energetic Kink, and more.
I’m here to help!

I specialize in supporting individuals and couples in stepping into kinky play for the first time, and in helping clients use the tools of sacred sexuality (ceremony, ritual, and devotional practices) to elevate erotic play, safely and lovingly explore their Shadows and forbidden desires, and create truly transcendent experiences.

If you are new to Kink, or ready for a deeper dive, I'm here for you, with professional, experienced coaching, guidance, and permission to expand into whole new worlds of pleasure.


Play is the secret to great sex – and a joyful life - at any age!

Tired of boring sex? Ready to increase excitement in your bedroom?

The impact of boredom on sex and health cannot be overlooked if you want deeper erotic intimacy in your life. The key is learning how to play and have fun.

Bring play, curiosity, and adventure, back into the bedroom (and beyond)! I help you lose that hesitation, that sense of heaviness, all that worry about performing or being good enough or getting it right. Instead, you (and your beloved) can just be yourself, trying fun things out that feel great. I’m here to help!

Kink can be a great tool to bring fresh dynamics and new ways to play into your life and relationship... but it can feel intimidating, stepping into the Kink world for the first time. I'm here to provide professional, experienced coaching as your compassionate and supportive guide for all levels of Kinky adventure.


Do you want to learn how to navigate non-monogamy in a way that feels intentional, conscious, consensual, supportive, and good to everyone concerned? I see you, I get it, and I can help. I specialize in guiding folks just like you in exploring how to invite and connect with new partners, navigate threesomes or moresomes, understand what they really want in their relationship landscape. I support you in learning how to get your needs met, ask for what you want, set and hold to clear boundaries in a firm and loving way, and discover the joys and benefits of learning to love without owning.

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