Ethics & Values

1. Trust. Your trust, safety, and confidentiality are sacred. This is the foundation of everything we do.

2. Pleasure-Based and sex-honoring: Pleasure is life-force. It is the renewable resource that fuels all creativity, joy, and secure relationships. We are committed to making the world safe for every being’s full, free erotic expression and joy. We practice pleasure as a central value, coming from a place of joy and resource personally and professionally. It is the heart of our mission to reconnect you with your own ultimate sources of ongoing pleasure.

3. Body as teacher: while we offer guidance and expertise, you are the ultimate expert in your body. Your body knows your authentic Yes and No. We may invite you into experiences and offer resources to support your growth; in our service to you, know that you are always in choice. Your body is the ultimate guide for your life.

4. Informed Consent / Non-exploitation: We understand that in the field of sexuality, change and growth require lowering defenses and becoming profoundly vulnerable. We see our role as creating impeccably safe spaces for this level of work., and we will never take advantage of any confidential or vulnerable information or state; we will inform you beforehand about any experience and require your specific, informed, and willing consent before engaging in any activity, conversation, or process with you.

5. Honesty and commitment to repair: authentic, healthy relationships are based in transparency. That includes acknowledging that, while we hold the highest standards of professional conduct, this kind of deep work inherently includes the possibility of missed communication and confusion. We know that these places of conflict are opportunities to build the greatest trust, when acknowledged and addressed with integrity and compassion. If there is every anything that happens in our work together that does not feel good to you, we ask that you are honest and transparent in letting us know as soon as the issue arises, and we commit to working with you until we both feel complete in repairing trust.

6.Simplicity: Truth = simplicity. We will always offer information and explanations in the simplest terms. If there is ever anything you do not understand, we ask that you let us know so you receive the clearest and simplest form of support, always.

7. Inclusivity: we believe pleasure and unconditional love are the birthright of every human in every body. This work is appropriate for those who are ready and committed to profound change; we select our clients based on this value. Within that, we are honored to serve all bodies without exception: LGBTQIA+, all body types, body shapes, ages, genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, and relationship styles. We support and nurture all relationship styles including monogamy, ENM, and Polyamory.

8. Consciousness and intentionality: we seek to bring conscious awareness to every choice and action, personally, collectively, and in our interactions with those we serve. All our teaching, coaching, educational and experiential work is in service of transmitting loving embodied awareness in this present moment.

9. Empowerment for the benefit of all: while we welcome and delight in ongoing relationships with our clients past and present, our goal is for you to “graduate” and complete your work with us, so that you can become a light and the ripple effect of your empowered, embodied, pleasure-based example creates even more pleasure, erotic expansion, consciousness, trust, safety, creativity, embodiment, and freedom in the world!

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