Proven path of change and growth.

Coaching with a trusted guide.

Proven path of change and growth.

Coaching with a trusted guide.

Help me with: knowing what my body likes!

Come play outside the box!

Advanced Erotic Blueprints™, Sex, Conscious Kink, and Relationship Coaching

Time to break out of all those boxes you have spent our days and years in, to please other people. It’s not too late to play full out. You’re right on time! A whole universe of new adventures and pleasures awaits!

I help you to be seen and loved and celebrated for ALL of who you are. Unconditional love, by you, for you, in your deepest desires and biggest expression. I especially love working with those in committed relationships that have become stuck and stale. If this is you: I’m here to help you both reignite love, trust, and desire. Together, we can build the foundation for a lifetime of hot, juicy, creative erotic adventures based in safety, acceptance, vulnerability, and playfulness.

You know you’re ready. I’ve got you.

Bring it all. Let’s move you into the world of More.

This work is for you if you are ready to:

  • Open up to next-level awakening and adventure
  • Live out loud, unapologetically
  • Shift from the pressures of performance and pretending, into the ease and joy of BE-ing who you truly are
  • Allow your body to release stuck emotions or energy, pain or numbness – even if it has been there for years or decades, time to let it go!
  • Claim freedom in all realms: physical, emotional, physiological, generational, and beyond
  • Learn about your own body and sexual anatomy, and how to play your own erotic instrument so you can share your new discoveries with others
  • Let go of struggling with arousal and orgasm and reconnect with your body and your sexual self
  • Learn about Conscious Kink and how to use Shadows, taboo, and kink for healing and transformation

As Master Trainer in the Erotic Blueprints, Kinky Energetic Shapeshifter, Somatic Sexologist, Conscious Kink Coach, and Certified Sexological Bodyworker, my great joy is guiding advanced humans like you into living and loving out loud, in fearless delight.

Anne More offers Advanced Coaching for Advanced Souls and Quantum and Sexological Bodywork virtually and in-person.

Want to know more about me first?

Help me with: getting into my body

What is Sexological Bodywork, exactly?

Sexological Bodywork is about giving you direct embodied experiences to open new routes to pleasure, release shame and energies you may be holding (trauma, grief, anger, fear). Together we clear the pathways so your body can finally feel ease, relaxation, joy, and, ultimately, orgasmic waves of pleasure.

You can see real life couples experiencing the benefits of Sexological Bodywork on Sex, Love & Goop, the new show on Netflix. It’s a reality show featuring the Erotic Blueprints and other sexperts working with couples to open up their bodies and the places they feel stuck in relationship.

All bodywork sessions with me are customized to what your body and spirit need in the moment. I support your deepest healing and your highest goals.

In hands-on and virtual touch sessions, I combine deeply intuitive channeled bodywork with compassionate education in body mapping, whole body integration, new sexual skills, learning to receive, trauma and energy release, intimate anatomy, and scar tissue remediation.

I work with you on all levels and in all the dimensions you’re ready for: physical, emotional, intergenerational, ancestral, archetypal, and ethereal.

All sessions follow strict professional protocol to ensure the safest possible container for this sacred and profound work.

As a Somatic Sexologist and Certified Sexological Bodyworker, I’ve been training and working alongside Jaiya for over five years. In everything I do, I bring in over 25 years experience in mindfulness, intentional touch, and conscious movement.

I’m trauma-informed, and poly and LGBTQIA+ inclusive. I’ve gone deep and spend thousands of hours to help hundreds of people just like you. Let’s get you back into your body so you can fall in love with who you truly are.

To help you on even deeper levels, I’m also an Erotic Blueprints Master Trainer, Reiki Master, and Accelerated Evolution PsychoSpiritual Guide.

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